ZHU crushes second U.S. show at CRSSD Fest

Purple and blue lights flooded the stage as silhouettes of carefree, dancing women and ocean waves swam across the projection screens. ZHU took to the Ocean View Live stage at CRSSD Fest on Saturday evening, welcomed by a large swarm of fans eagerly waiting to see the DJ’s second-ever U.S. performance.

The crowd grooved through the heat of the night, as the veiled musicians brought the noise from behind a thick casing that you could only see through when lasers hit the stage. The whole set was very anonymous and thus, very ZHU-like. The artist tends to be private about aspects of himself and his life, preferring the music to speak for itself.

The heavy, funky beats carried his set list, including “Automatic” featuring Aluna George. ZHU’s bass guitarist helped bring the live performance to another level, enjoying a few solos throughout the show.

The typically very-electronic and house-music based artist laid down some weighty drum and bass as he remixed some dirty dub step into his hour-long set.

” ngg_triggers_display="never” order_by="sortorder” order_direction="ASC” returns="included” maximum_entity_count="500"]As his 2014 single, “Faded” came through the speakers, fest-goers roared with approval and meshed together to form one enormous dance-party, happy to hear the song that brought ZHU major fame.

Somehow, most people there remembered every word to “Bartender” as he delivered an electro-version of the T-Pain classic during the middle of his set.

During the last song of the night, “Cocaine Model,” the stage was lit with rainbow lights and an unknown singer took to the stage to compliment the smooth, flowing melody with unbelievable vocals, his pitch high enough to rival that of Whitney Houston.

Smiles were undeniably worn by fans, although we heard no word from ZHU throughout the set. His vision was accomplished: It was definitely all about the music.

Source: DiscoverSD