Young the Giant stirred crowds on Saturday at KAABOO


Melodic guitar solos, rainbow light shows and soothing harmonies coming from the quintet known as Young the Giant had audiences ooo-ing and aah-ing at KAABOO Del Mar on Saturday night.

The heat of the day finally cooled off enough as the band took the Zuma stage, all rocking unique timepiece jackets. Guitarist Jacob Tilley wore a coat from Mozart’s era; lead singer Sadmeer Gadhia was grooving in a sequin-clad ‘80s-inspired number.

Gadhia intrigued the audiences, feeding them with short narratives and odd, psychedelic dance moves in between each song on their set list.

The eccentric musicians focused mainly on audience-friendly No. 1’s like “Cough Syrup” and “Apartment” ushering fans to sing out loud, with hands waving freely outward and upward.

It was with some of the outlier tunes like “Teachers” that really showcased the bands’ musical forte: poppy, alternative music woven with powerful vocals and quick guitar-rifts. Other songs off of their latest album, “Mind Over Matter” like “Camera” tended to have more of a swaying than a jumping effect on festival-goers.

With great enthusiasm, Gahdia also announced that he and his band mates are currently working on a new album, although there was no disclosure of when said album would be released.

The pinkish-purple lights lit the faces of onlookers as “My Body” closed out the show, leaving a youthful, lively vibe to take over the masses as the band threw out personal items that the crowd jumped for, like pieces of paper and empty water bottles.

People got what they came for at this performance. The songs they know and love and word of new music on the horizon.

Source: DiscoverSD