The anti-Trump song that almost cost rapper $60,000

A good number of attendees at Friday night’s GreenFest concert at San Diego State University enthusiastically sang along when rap star YG performed his popular 2016 protest anthem “F--- Donald Trump.”

However, contrary to reports Monday in Billboard magazine and other national media outlets, YG did not breach his contract or forfeit his approximately $60,000 concert fee by performing his anti-Trump song, also known as “FDT.”

“At SDSU’s GreenFest concert this weekend, the song in question was played by YG and he was paid for his performance that evening,” SDSU Interim Chief Communications Officer Gina Jacobs told the Union-Tribune Monday afternoon, via email.

“The concert was for SDSU students only. He was paid the contracted amount.”

In response to further questions from the Union-Tribune, Jacobs said in an email: “That is all the information I can provide.”

Friday’s concert also featured San Diego rapper Rob Stone. Formerly known as Aztec Nights, the annual GreenFest event is designed to “encourage, celebrate, and advocate for sustainability, SDSU Pride, and diversity”

Speaking anonymously, because they were not authorized to publicly comment, a source familiar with the event said SDSU’s Associated Students had requested in advance that YG, 26, not perform his Trump song. When the rapper (real name: Keenon Jackson) objected, a conversation ensued that eventually led to the students withdrawing their request he not include the song at his Friday concert here.

However, fueling a fast-spreading urban legend that YG may have helped spark with his on-stage comments Friday, some hip-hop fans posted comments on social media praising him as a free-speech advocate who willingly opted to forego his $60,000 fee and perform the song here.

Here’s how some people reacted on Twitter:

Representatives for YG did not respond to a request for comment.
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