The Crystal Method races to Del Mar

These days, having a conversation with The Crystal Method isn’t the easiest thing. And it’s not like they’re difficult, unfriendly, or reserved - quite the opposite, actually.

It’s just that the veteran electronic duo of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan have transitioned so well into the world of scoring films, television and video games, it’s rare when the pair can fully disclose their wide range of current projects.

But the Los Angeles-based duo also love making music as a band, and released “The Crystal Method Remixed” earlier this year. Featuring versions of songs from their 2014 self-titled fifth studio album, the release coincided with The Crystal Method’s 20th anniversary.

While the pair is currently heading out on a scattershot, seven-date tour with stops in Del Mar, Louisville, Ky., and Incheon, South Korea, they’re also working on a new album. That is, if it ends up being released as an album.

“We might break it up into a couple of EPs or something,” Kirkland told DiscoverSD from the band’s L.A. studio. “Everything is moving so differently these days. Something like five tracks and a ‘part one/part two’ kind of thing might make more sense. It really is getting harder and harder to release a whole album. Everything is pushing against it. And we’re just so busy in the studio.”

“Oh, we’re always working on the new album,” Jordan added with a laugh. “You just never know when it’s going to come out.”

Although the pair doesn’t have any kind of timetable for new music, they do agree that The Crystal Method is releasing a vinyl box set soon.

Equally prompted by the current resurgence of vinyl and the inability of fans to find long out-of-print albums, a career-spanning, seven-platter collection is on its way.

“It’s pretty ridiculous,” Kirkland said. “We’ve seen our albums going for hundreds of dollars on eBay because people can’t find them anywhere else. So this set will include all of the studio albums and a bonus disc.”

Even with their full schedule, upcoming releases, and a new album to focus on, the techno twosome isn’t overlooking their local stop at the Del Mar races. Both men are bringing their families for a full day of action where the turf meets the surf. And for Jordan, it’ll also mean scratching another thing off his to-do list.

“I’m excited to go to my first-ever horse race,” he said through a chuckle. “And I’m betting for sure! I’m going for the long shots! But we know there’s a tradition there. My wife is from San Diego. We’ve heard about the longstanding tradition of summer music on Fridays at the track, and we’re looking forward to it.”

“Are you kidding?” Kirkland added. “Summertime in beautiful Del Mar? It’s going to be great.”

The Crystal Method plays after 4 O’Clock Fridays at the Del Mar Racetrack on July 31. Free with admission to track before last race starts.

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Source: DiscoverSD