Phantoms can haunt your headphones

Things have been going pretty well lately for Phantoms’ Vincent Pergola and Kyle Kaplan. The L.A.-based electronic music duo recently signed to Republic/Casablanca Records and released their debut EP, “Broken Halo,” in September.

It wasn’t that long ago that the longtime friends were more likely to be seen on your living room flat screen than behind a setup of turntables and synthesizers.

Until a few years ago, Pergola and Kaplan made their living as actors on shows like " Hannah Montana,” “That’s So Raven” and “10 Things I Hate About You.”

But after a shared moment of disdain at a pay-to-participate event, the two agreed to ditch the auditions and pick up some instruments.

Kaplan and Pergola haven’t looked back. And despite the significant headway they’ve made, the pair isn’t taking anything for granted.

DiscoverSD recently spoke with Phantoms by conference call from their Los Angeles homes.

Q: How are you guys?

Kaplan: Great. It’s a little early for us musician boys. But we’re awake. We’re alive.

Q: This upcoming West Coast run is billed as your first tour. But you’ve done some shows, right?

Kaplan: This is our first time fully live. We went out on tour with (NY-based musician/DJ) Com Truise once before. But this is the first one where we’re doing full keyboards, drums, everything. It’s fully live.

Q: With just a five-song EP under your belts, how does the live show work?

Kaplan: We actually have an LP that’s done and coming out in March. The EP is really just a way for us to set the scene and get the vibe of Phantoms out there. So the entire show is our music. You’ll hear everything on the EP, some remixes we’ve done that we love, and some unreleased music as well.


When: 7 p.m. Nov. 7

Where: The Loft, University of California, San Diego


Q: Did you guys always DJ together, or join forces at some point?

Pergola: We DJ’d together from the start, actually. Kyle really picked up on it quickly and I focused on production. We always helped each other on our respective paths. But once we moved on from just DJ-ing and decided this was going to be a live thing, we really both focused on writing music and working in the studio together.

Q: How did you meet?

Kaplan: It’s funny. Vinny and I used to be child actors back in the day. We both didn’t enjoy it that much. And one day, we went to this event where you pay to get an award so you can get in front of studios. We both kind of gave each other that look like, “Do you believe in this bulls-t?” That’s when we started talking and became friends. We started jamming out together after that. We went fully into music.

Q: Do you have anything that you’re specifically looking to accomplish?

Pergola: We’re not chasing any genres or anything like that. We’re lucky enough to make something that we like and throw our hat in the ring. But the bottom line is we enjoy the music. And we’re going to take our sound to as many people as we can.

Kaplan: Vinny and I have a clear vision of what this project is and where we want to take it. We’re very confident and just trying to make the best decisions possible.

Source: DiscoverSD