Neon Trees electrify KAABOO


Complete with loud drum-driven beats, tambourines and pitch-bending vocals, Neon Trees were true-to-form as they took over the Zuma stage at KAABOO Del Mar.

Dressed in a bright, green tank top and bleached-blonde hair, lead singer Tyler Glenn was the epitome of the band’s name. The arena was packed with sweating attendees as the sun came down extra hot at the Zuma stage Saturday, but most just embraced their glistening skin.

“It’s so bright out here, we don’t even need a lightshow. You guys are rad enough,” Glenn assured his audience.

Glenn revealed to the crowd in a vulnerable voice, “I am from Temecula, and I use to hate it.” He explained how he used to feel out of place there, but music had rescued him. “The one thing that saved me, because I was a weirdo, was music...that stuff, that stuff saved my life.”

The crowd roared as classics like “Animal” and “Songs I Can’t Listen To,” as well as a lively cover of “Come on Eileen” were executed with precision, causing the masses to jump and sing aloud. The drums kept the tempo positive with each song, and the crowd later learned that the drummer, Elaine Bradley, had just given birth three weeks prior.

The highlight, however, took place during “Sleeping With A Friend” when Glenn leaped over the security barrier, climbed over posts and walked atop the crowd, eventually soaring through his fans via “crowd-surfing.”

The funkadelic sounds, rhythmic guitar solos, and keyboards coming through the speakers, made the performance a dance party the crowd won’t soon forget.

Source: DiscoverSD