Musician on the rise: Jennie Vee


Two years ago, Jennie Vee had reached what she calls “the lowest point” in her professional life. Nearly abandoning her lifelong musical dream, the Canadian-born/New York-based musician restlessly bounced from a nanny job to one in animal rescue and eventually to a stint in the fashion industry.

Then, as she says, “the flood gates opened.”

She wrote, recorded, made art and made videos. And call it the power of attraction, but doors began to open.

Vee played in dream-pop siren Tamaryn’s band, and she served as the opening act for Brit alt-rockers Manic Street Preachers. And she recently topped it off by touring with Lana Del Rey as part of Courtney Love’s band. Now, the affable performer is headed to San Diego. DiscoverSD spoke with her about it all.

Q: Your new LP “Spying” just came out, but you’ve also released an EP, a single and a cover of “Lips Like Sugar” recently as well, right?

A: Yes. And that’s all in the last 18 months. I think that’s kind of a lot of music to put out in a year and a half.

Q: And you’ve put all of that out by yourself, right?

A: I did. In this day and age, isn’t it wonderful to have that kind of control and not have to worry about the rest? It’s such a positive.

Jennie Vee

When: 8:30 p.m. Dec. 3

Where: Soda Bar, 3615 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego

Cost: $7


Q: When did you connect with Courtney Love?

A: I joined forces with her for a spring tour with Lana Del Rey. We’ve been friends for a little while. But it’s such an honor to play with her. Growing up, I wanted to be in Hole. And I got the job! (laughs) She’s amazing. She’s a lovely person and SO supportive.

Q: Was she someone who inspired you when you were younger?

A: Since I’ve been a kid, The Cure has been my favorite band. So when I was growing up, I didn’t necessarily need a female role model to make me feel like I could play. My heroes were Simon Gallop from The Cure and Peter Hook from New Order. But, when “Pretty On The Inside” (Hole’s 1994 breakthrough) came out, it really resonated with me. So I was connected with her from a young age. Girl power! (laughs)

Q: How is the juxtaposition between the big Lana shows and your own club dates?

A: There’s an obvious difference between staying at The Ritz and staying at the Super 8 or crashing on a floor. (laughs) But, I am comfortable on any stage and bring the same energy to every show. I’ve played to 20 people, and now I can say I’ve played to 22,000. But the feeling and process are the same.

More to come

Vee just released her full-length debut, “Spying,” in October, but is already recording the follow-up. She’s also sitting on six soon to-be-released videos. Stay tuned!

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Source: DiscoverSD