Jason Mraz grows what?


You grow what? TV hosts Kelly Ripaand Ryan Seacrest offered to come and pull weeds at singer Jason Mraz’s Oceanside farm. He sang a single from his newly released album, “Know,” on their Friday show, but the talk hosts quickly zoomed to his “gentleman” farming operation.

Mraz talked about growing subtropical fruits “from avocados, to coffee, to bananas, to mangoes, to passion fruit (and) lychees. We can take a basket around and every season something is poppin’,” said the singer-songwriter.

A once avid surfer, he admitted that he has cut back.

“I feel guilty when I leave the farm to go surfing. I’d rather be out there helping people pull weeds and processing the fruit.”

He’ll have a hard time doing that this fall — he’s on on tour across the United States.

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