J Boog returns to SD for BeerX festival

Compton-raised, Hawaii-based reggae crooner J Boog is having a busy year. After releasing his third full-length album, “Wash House Ting,” last Novemeber, J Boog (aka Jerry Afemata) stopped by North Park’s Observatory for a performance to promote it in January.

He’s been on the road ever since. As a headliner with his Hot Rain Band, as well as part of The Sounds of Summer Tour with Slightly Stoopid, he’s traversed across the United States and Europe.

And things aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Afemata already has Australian and New Zealand dates booked for the first few months of 2018.

On Saturday, he joins Iration, Chicano Batman, Magic!, Trouble in the Wind, and Splavender for 91X’s third annual BeerX Festival at Waterfront Park.

Featuring breweries that include Stone Brewing, Fall Brewing, Ballast Point, Lost Abbey, Monkey Paw, Mike Hess Brewing, Green Flash, Modern Times Beer, and many more, early-arriving attendees can indulge in unlimited complimentary tastings from 1-4 p.m. (but the music will play until 10 p.m.).

PACIFIC recently caught up with the Samoan singer, who’s scheduled to play out against a sunset backdrop on Saturday, during a quick break to chat about his busy year and what is coming next.

PACIFIC: You’ve been on the road for most of this year. How are things going?

J BOOG: Things are going great, man. But we just had two days off that were much needed. And now we’re headed back out on the road. But until then, we’re headed over to my boy’s mom’s house to kick back and catch up with some family.

At least you’re back in California...

You know that. But it’s burning up out here, man.

It has been incredibly hot. And you guys still have a lot of dates left.

We do. We still have a bunch of stuff coming up. But we’ve been able to get all over the East Coast this time around thanks to Slightly Stoopid. It’s been a great tour, man.

You were here at the start of the year alone, and now you’re back as part of a multi-band package. Do you have a preference or is that a good balance?

It’s a nice balance. But I like going out with the crew, man. It’s always cool to chill with the brothers and get to know them. You know what I mean? And that’s what this tour has been all about. We all just get along so well. Touring with Slightly Stoopid and Iration has been great. Everybody be vibin’. And I like getting on (stage) early, too. (laughs) When you get on early that means you get out early. And then it’s time to party. (laughs)

Wash House Ting is now almost a year old. Have you started on anything new, or is the focus still exclusively on this record until the tour ends?

I do record a few melodies here and there when we’re on the road. But most times, when we’re on the road, it’s strictly about the road - making sure the show is right, making sure the songs are right. By the time we’re off of tour, that’s when we get back into the creative process and make a new song or album.

91X presents BeerX

When: 1-10 p.m. August 12. J Boog (6:50 p.m.) with Iration (8:20 p.m.), Chicano Batman (5:35 p.m.), Magic! (4:20 p.m.), Trouble in the Wind (3:15 p.m.), and Splavender (2:15 p.m.)

Where: Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego

Cost: $50 - $199


You recently released a video for the album cut Good Cry featuring dancehall great Chaka Demus. Can you talk a bit about working with him?

The dude is legendary. And I was happy as hell that we were able to work with him on such short notice. He was amazing and killed that verse. And he’s good guy, too. We had a ball together making that video down in Jamaica. I don’t exactly how hot it was out there that day, but it was super HOT, and we had a great time.

Buju Banton is also on the album. He’s still locked up in Georgia. How did that work?

We actually recorded that years ago - back when I first met him. Buju’s creative process is like no one else’s. It’s the best I’ve ever seen. It’s no joke, man. Loving verse. Loving vibe. Great person to record with.

If you count (Afemata’s 2007 debut album) Hear Me Roar as your start, it’s actually your 10th anniversary this year. Had you given that any thought?

Is it really? I didn’t even think about that until right now. Thanks a lot! (laughs) No, but I just take the music as it comes, man. And I feel really lucky to have done it for this long. Big ups to the fans for that - they’ve been giving us crazy love and support for all of those years. Hell, yeah!