Interview with Angus & Julia Stone

The Australian brother-sister duo, Angus & Julia Stone, sits down on a purple faux suede couch on the first day of the 2015 Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

The heat that usually rolls through Indio around festival season has made its usual appearance, but that hasn’t dissuaded the pair from coming to play for fans.

“It’s such a crazy environment,” Angus Stone said as he sat back and let his sister take over much of the conversation.

Julia, the elder by two years, agreed.

“I don’t think there’s any festivals in Australia that are in the desert. It’s really beautiful around here and whenever you have music in a place like this it’s really good.”


Julia explained how the time they’ve spent time outside the festival grounds, visiting areas like Joshua Tree, have acted as a positive catalyst for the pair’s music.

“They (music and nature) have a symbiotic relationship,” Julia said. “When you’re out here under the stars with the music, it feels good.”

The folk duo has seen their music take a different direction with their latest album, which includes more electric guitar.

“This last album we made a little differently,” Julia said. “It has more of a fuller sound; it was a natural progression.”

Despite the crowds gathering for Coachella’s first day of shows, Angus and Julia are relaxed, taking it all in stride. In less than an hour the pair will trade the purple couch for the stage, but not without their usual pre-show ritual.

“We get into a huddle and do some sort of chant,” Angus said. “A little bit of like we love you all, let’s go have a good time.”

Source: DiscoverSD