Brad Paisley launches album from Midway carrier deck


“Mum” was the word when Brad Paisley and John Fogerty shot a music video for the hard-hitting lead song of Paisley’s new album, “Love and War,” aboard the Midway aircraft carrier two weeks ago.

The museum gag order was lifted when the album was released last Friday. Two days later, it had attracted more than a million views.

“Brad Paisley himself suggested the Midway be the backdrop” for the video that condemns mistreatment of military vets, confirmed Vanessa Ruiz, a Midway Museum spokeswoman. It also included footage by the adjacent larger-than-life statue of a soldier and nurse kissing at the end of World War II as well as Embarcadero footage.

“Everything happened really fast. We got a call (in the) first part of April, did one walk-through with the photographer, shot the entire video on April 10,, and the video was released on Friday the 21st,” Ruiz added.

When Paisley posted the video on Facebook, he called it, “one of the most important things I’ve ever said ...”

Several museum volunteers and staffers were photographed. While there, Paisley and Fogerty met with docents Ev Southwick and Jack Ensch, both former Vietnam POWs. They also made a special recording for honorees at the Midway’s upcoming American Patriot Award Gala.

Paisley himself responded to the Midway’s tweet about the video, calling it a “billion dollar backdrop video location.”

The video can be seen on Brad Paisley’s Facebook page.; (619) 293-1518; Twitter: @dianebellSD; Facebook: