Blink-182 tops Pearl Jam on Billboard’s 2016 Top 50 Moneymakers list


Beyoncé, Guns N’ Roses and Bruce Springsteen are the highest-earning music stars on Billboard magazine’s Top 50 Moneymakers of 2016 list. Their estimated net incomes last year come out to, respectively, $62.1 million for Beyoncé, $42.3 million for Guns N’ Roses and $42.2 million for Springsteen.

Several former San Diego musicians are also included in the annual Billboard tally.

The Poway-bred punk-pop band blink-182 placed 30th on the list, with estimated 2016 earnings of just over $12 million. Pearl Jam - whose lineup includes former San Diegans Eddie Vedder, Matt Cameron and Mike McCready - came in at No. 43, with a 2016 take of $9.3 million.

In nearly every instance, the Top 50 Moneymakers made the bulk of their earnings from touring.

Beyoncé, who last month gave birth to twins, grossed a whopping $161 million from her 2016 North American “Formation” tour, which included a May 12 concert at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium.

The reunion tour by Guns N’ Roses last year included an Aug. 22 Qualcomm show. Springsteen’s 2016 tour with his mighty E Street Band skipped San Diego, where he and the group have not performed together since 1981.

The rest of the Billboard Top 10 is completed by Drake ($37.5 million), Adele ($37 million), Coldplay ($32.3 million), Justin Bieber ($30.7 million), Luke Bryan ($27.3 million), Kanye West ($26.1 million) and Kenny Chesney ($25.4 million).

Coldplay, incidentally, will perform at Qualcomm Stadium on Oct. 8, while Bryan is set to perform at Mattress Firm Amphitheatre on Oct. 27.

Only one Spanish language act, Marc Anthony, made the Billboard list, with 2016 earnings of $9.9 million.

Jimmy Buffett, whose Broadway-bound musical debuted here in May, placed 45th on the list, with $9.1 million.

The 50th spot was claimed by the a cappella group Pentatonix, with $8.2 million.

Together, the Top 50 artists on the Billboard list brought in $890.7 million from touring, publishing, streaming and CD sales- a hefty jump of 34 percent over last year’s total. It was also the first time in nearly two decades that music industry revenue increased for two consecutive years.

Taylor Swift - who topped the 2015, 2013 and 2011 Billboard lists - was a no-show this year.

Here is the complete 2016 Billboard Top 50 Moneymakers list.; Twitter @georgevarga