Best responses to ‘New Kids On The Block’ tour announcement


New Kids On The Block are reuniting yet again, this time for a 2015 North American tour that includes a May 11 show at SDSU’s Viejas Arena.

Dubbed “The Main Attraction,” the tour will feature opening sets by TLC and Nelly.

While the overall response was shockingly positive, here are some of our favorite reactions to the forthcoming NKOTB tour.

Near Middle-aged Men On The Block

Just realized what a bunch of creepo weirdos NKOTB look like now. - Kristin (@kalakri) January 20, 2015

So the big concert news this week is The Grateful Dead, New Kids On The Block, and Weird Al Yankovic because WTF IS GOING ON - carltonhimself (@carltonhimself) January 20, 2015

my grandma wants to bring me to Vegas to see new kids on the block... - Julia (@counterparts__) January 20, 2015

You guys nkotb is my mom’s boyband from her time and their coming to houston and she’s all excited aw that’s gonna be me in the future - ashaley. (@magicallyziam) January 20, 2015

NKOTB is coming. Danny is coming. For your soul. - Chris Ervasti (@chriservasti) January 20, 2015

Trying to figure out how to surprise my wife with @NKOTB tickets for her 50th birthday in Dallas. @DonnieWahlberg #MainEvent - Scott Gillispie (@SuperG24) January 20, 2015

Something tells me that the women fainting at NKOTB concerts this time around will do so not because of the sexual tension, but menopause. - MAVERICK (@WPRO_MAVERICK) January 20, 2015

Source: DiscoverSD