91X’s Homecoming to showcase SD music roots


The local music scene in San Diego has always been very interconnected and reliant upon talent exposing other talent. With the help from influential local DJs, like Michael Halloran, and programs like Loudspeaker, these important connections and discoveries happen, boosting up bands that either originated in SD or migrated here to find success.

Halloran spoke to DiscoverSD about the upcoming 91X Homecoming show on Friday, Oct. 2 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m at Junior Seau Oceanside Pier Plaza Amphitheatre, which he has passionately made his pet-project.

“Homecoming is about realizing the huge diversity of what’s been going on here for the past 20 years,” said Halloran. “The local community is what it’s all about. It will be just like a big picnic.”

The show’s bill is extremely diverse, with everything from reggae to hard rock. Acts on the lineup include Rocket from the Crypt, Pepper, Cold War Kids, Finch, Pinback, Mrs. Magician, Reason to Rebel and Lucy’s Fur Coat. Each of these bands have their own reasons to pay homage to San Diego at Homecoming.


The Kona-natives have been living in SD for over 10 years now, and found something special in San Diego’s support that has boosted them onward and upwards. Following shows at Street Scene and Warped Tour, they found mainstream success, but still hold deep roots here within the local reggae-rock community.


Finch began in the late ‘90s to early 2000s in Temecula. Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 had brought Finch to Halloran, who was at 92.1 in North County at the time. Halloran recalls, “We were blown away by how amazing they were, and we gave them their first airplay in North County on 92.1.They played so many shows in San Diego back then, and though they were on the [outskirts] of San Diego in Riverside County, they are a genuine San Diego band.”


This home-grown, hard rock band has been in SD for years, using their music as a platform to discuss injustice within society through their hard-hitting lyrics. They have toured with Smashing Pumpkins, Incubus and Sublime with Rome to name a few.


Cold War Kids have found a part-time home here in San Diego, where drummer Joe Plummer has helped mold and played in many music projects like Black Heart Procession, Modest Mouse and The Shins as well. He is currently working with one of 91X’s “local break” artists, Built In Sun.


Reuniting for this show, locals Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith VI of Pinback are notable within the community for bringing bands together and keeping the music scene thriving. This performance is remarkable since Pinback has not played any shows since Rob Crowe announced they were over back in March.


Currently playing limited dates, RFTC’ s John Reis has been huge in the alternative scene, on and off, since their inception in San Diego in 1989. Guitarist John Reis is linked to many projects in the area and of course, helped other local bands like Drive like Jehu, rise to fame. They are mainly working on Drive like Jehu material right now, according to Halloran.


One of the newer acts on the bill is based in San Diego, where all the members have played in other local bands including Cults and Boomsnake. Their surf-rock music has influence of the hand of RFTC’s John Reis, who produced their 2012 album and is currently helping them produce their latest 2015 album.


Formed in SD in the early ‘90s, Lucy’s Fur Coat is a classic alternative rock act that may have shocked some fans in joining the Homecoming lineup, although they just played Casbah last weekend. The original Casbah show dates were in July, and later postponed when guitarist Tony Sanfilippo suffered his second heart attack. “This will be their last show, from what we hear. This band has been very influential, involved with bands like Stone Temple Pilots in San Diego. All of their kids will be at the show, which makes this an awesome place to go out at,” Halloran said.

Halloran ideally wants to see the event become an annual concert, featuring artists both new and old whom have held a deep connection in San Diego’s music culture.

“I always find out about other good musicians through other good musicians, like Tom and Mark [of Blink-182] with Finch.” Halloran said. “Goal is that next year, if something else comes along the line to play, I would be like, totally! Cool! And we would go from there,” Halloran said.

We can look forward to a few surprises, some awesome live music and Homecoming celebration that will rock.

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at

Pier Plaza Amphitheatre, 200 The Strand N, Oceanside.

Source: DiscoverSD