5 things we love about CRSSD Festival


1. Crowd size is capped:

One thing we love about CRSSD is that the crowd capacity each day is capped at 15,000 people. This makes it so that nothing is too overcrowded, lines aren’t that long and generally makes for a more comfortable festival experience overall.


The views at CRSSD Fest can’t be beat. Whether you’re facing the beautiful San Diego bay, glancing at the skyline, or admiring the artful fountain displays, it’s all breathtaking. It is truly the perfect San Diego backdrop for an outdoor music festival.

3. Lineup:

This year’s lineup offered a wide selection of new artist, with a combination of huge stars like Chet Faker and ODESZA. It gave fans of those talented artists, like Gryffin and Bondax, an awesome live show and gave the chance for them to be exposed to a wider audience, as well.

4. Food:

The food at CRSSD was out-of-this-world. There was a vegan food vendor, teriyaki noodle bowls, gourmet hot dogs and sliders, among other things. We loved that the quality of food and speed of preparation was not sacrificed due to operating out of a tent.

5. Dancing:

Although the last CRSSD Fest here in San Diego back in October was held on a sunshine-y day, having a bit gloomier weather didn’t stop the masses from dancing like crazy, in and out of the fountains. The masses were loving the live music and there was much shuffling, grooving and grinding at this year’s fest.

Source: DiscoverSD