5 reasons we loved Kygo’s set at CRSSD Fest

We’re really glad Kygo came to CRSSD Fest. He took over the crowd on Sunday night at the Ocean View Live stage and had us all grooving through Waterfront Park without a care in the world.

The 24-year-old musician and self-taught rising star definitely proved himself to SD this weekend. Here are five reasons we loved watching him do his thing:

  1. The set list. We heard pretty much every song we wanted to hear from Kygo within his hour-long set at CRSSD Fest. The Norwegian DJ is known for remixing songs from some of the world’s most popular artists like Ed Sheeran , Ellie Golding and even Marvin Gaye. His music flowed flawlessly together into one fascinating piece. Ending his show with “Firestone” left everyone on such an awesomely positive note as they moved onto the next performer.
  2. He adds his own flair. The DJ doesn’t just mix songs electronically, blending out hits that artists have already made famous. He adds in elements of piano and guitar to make each song special and unique. At his CRSSD Fest show, we were able to experience that notable, layered sound that has made Kygo such a standout star in the electronic community.
  3. Tropical house matched the CRSSD festival vibe effortlessly. His brand of music, known as tropical house, delivered the audience exactly what a San Diego festival by the water needs. It was steamy, exotic, relaxing and yet, happily upbeat. It was the right sound at the right place. Perfection.
  4. Timing is everything. His set just so happened to occur at 6:15 p.m., which was ideal in so many ways. After a long day in the sun dancing to other artists at the festival, it was nice to slow it down and feel that heat lift off of our backs. We got to really enjoy his performance as day turned to night and the sun set over the water.
  5. He is ridiculously good-looking, plus has the talent of a seasoned musician..Kygo is easy on the eyes. Sorry, not sorry. For anyone who has seen him do his thing, it’s pretty obvious. We love looking at him, but more so, we love what he brings to the table. His music is so distinctly Kygo. It’s clear he wanted his own sound, which is sometimes hard to separate when you’re a house DJ. When you hear his songs, it brings you somewhere else, to a dreamy, ethereal and dare I say, very zen place. Stay cute, Kygo.

Source: DiscoverSD