5 reasons to attend the SD Music Awards

The San Diego Music Awards are celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Besides the fact that we have so many kickass local artists up for nods at this year’s event, here are five reasons you should attend the awards on Monday, Oct. 5.

1. To see these artists live...

-Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe: Karl has been killing it with the Stones on their Zip-Code Tour this summer. He and his live band of talented musicians will perform at the SDMAs, playing their latest recorded tunes off the “Tiny Universe” LP.

-Louis XIV: This alternative rock band has deep local roots and have been touring on and off across the nation for years. After reuniting in 2013, they have opened for acts like The Killers and Jason Hill. You can find drummer Mark Maigaard at one of our favorite local bars, Small Bar in North Park.

-Gregory Page & His Accompanists: Gregory Page’s style is old-school, both in music and his fashion, which is primarily ‘20s style jazz infused with some soulful lyrics. He used to hang around record shops in SD and has worked with Jewel and Jason Mraz. We expect quite a show from Mr. Page.

Attendees can also look forward to seeing more excellent artists, like: B-Side Players, Cody Lovaas, Big Mountain and Berkley, Hart Selis, Twang. Lifetime achievement honoree, Peter Sprague, will also be performing.

2. A 25th anniversary show is a big deal.

Twenty-five years is a huge accomplishment for any music award ceremony, especially a local one like ours. What better time to celebrate by attending an event that’s as old as I am? There will certainly be some surprises at this year’s show... We’re hoping for a Jewel and P.O.D. collaboration. It’s a monumental milestone that should be enjoyed by all interested or involved in the local music community. It’s also a point of recognition and a time to admire how much the SDMAs have given back to the community.

3. So many categories.

There will be 27 categories presented this year, which is a huge jump from the 10 categories featured in 1991, ensuring a wide variety of artists will be recognized for their work. Not only are you more likely to see your favorite local band in their selected genre, but you will be exposed to the best of the best from each category. It’s an opportunity to learn about more than what you already know.

4. The SDMAs are pretty much a giant party.

You get to sit back, have a drink and watch a bunch of rad San Diego performers do their thing. Oh and of course, you’ll witness each of your picks for top artist in each category win big and receive well-deserved honors. The whole idea of this award ceremony, being something that is so distinctively SD, is what really makes it worthwhile for us locals. That band you saw at the coffee shop three years ago? Oh, well now they’re getting nominated for this huge honor. It’s pretty much a wrap-up of those stand-out artists who did something noteworthy in the past year.

5. You gotta be down to support local music!

Perhaps the most awesome part about the SDMAs is what it has done for students within our community. Over its 25-year-run, they have contributed to more than 55,000 kids in elementary, middle and high schools across the county. Their funds help young students experience better music programs by reducing the loss felt from budget cuts. Partnering with local companies, including Taylor Guitars, there are more instruments and greater access to music for students than ever.

Bonus reason! Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn and Suite is offering guests of the San Diego Music Awards to stay for a special rate of $149.00 on Oct. 5. For reservations call 619-224-3411.

Tickets are $35 for general admission 35, $75 for a VIP seat and $500 for a VIP table of eight.

For more information, please visit

Humphreys Concerts by the Bay, 2241 Shelter Island Drive, Shelter Island

Source: DiscoverSD