Too cold to excercise? Here are some indoor options

Five must-try activities for when you don’t want to go outside


When the mercury drops below 60 degrees (we San Diegans are sensitive folk) or the mystical, rare rain clouds appear, San Diegans often find themselves in states ranging from anguish to confusion: What do we do now??

For those who don’t just want to sit in a brewery all day (not a terrible idea), there are plenty of indoor activities that will get the blood pumping and heart racing to keep that surfing/cycling/hiking/climbing body in shape.


Axe Throwing

If you’ve got some pent up energy or steam you need to blow off, this might just be the ticket.

What is it? It’s a little like darts but with a freaking axe. You hurl it toward a target like a Viking and the closest landing to the bullseye wins.

In San Diego, you have a few choices of where to start your axe-wielding adventure.

  • Nestled conveniently beside Groundswell Brewing, Battle Axe San Diego has 22 targets for your throwing pleasure, and on Sundays you can receive a complimentary beer at Groundswell with the booking of an hour session.
  • Bad Axe hands out steel and wood on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach for angst-ridden 20-somethings and surfers.
  • AxeVentures sets up the targets on North Coast Highway in Oceanside and on 30th Street in North Park and offers competitive throwing.
  • Throw It!, located downtown on 7th Ave., offers axe throwing as well as life-size games and board games.

Indoor Rock Climbing

When the weather isn’t prime for outdoor climbing, San Diego offers a wealth of indoor challenges at two major gyms.

  • Mesa Rim, with locations in Mission Valley, Mira Mesa, and soon-to-be San Marcos offers 52 to 55-foot big wall climbing at all skill levels with routes that will test your limits and fears, and make your heart pump wildly. They also offer a range of bouldering problems, hang boards, a Campus board (think American Ninja Warrior type training), and Moonboard (a wall that lets you track your routes with an app).
  • If you are just starting out or looking for a quieter or more kid-friendly option, then Vertical Hold is the place. With locations near Old Town, Poway and San Marcos, the super-friendly staff will walk you through every step of climbing, and get you on the wall with confidence. They also have auto-belays at each of their spots, so you can climb anytime on your own without a partner. Also designed with a range of skill levels in mind, Vertical Holds locations have hangboards, a Moonboard, Campus board, and a variety of bouldering options.
  • Just looking to boulder? Hit up Grotto in Grantville for plenty of problems and a yoga sesh too.

Indoor Skydiving

Not quite ready to jump out of a plane? If you are itching to get the sensation but aren’t keen of thousands of feet in elevation drop, check out iFly, one of San Diego’s favorite indoor spots for thrill seekers.

Set in the heart of Mission Valley and in Oceanside, iFly is a perfect alternative for getting that adrenaline rush when the weather outside is less than prime.

Choose from a variety of options including special weekday flights, bookings for parties and team building, and even a virtual reality flight, where you can base jump over the Alps or skydive over Hawaii.


Indoor Paintball

With strategic games like Protect the President, Buzzer Beater and Infection, San Diego Paintball Park in Kearny Messa provides hours of heart racing fun to combat those rainy and cloudy day blues. Ideal for bachelor and bachelorette parties, or just plain fun with friends, indoor paintball will unleash your inner child and competitive spirit. Other games include King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Elimination.


Trampoline Park

Trampoline fun at Sky Zone
(Mel Melcon)

You might be skeptical, but when was the last time you let loose and jumped around just for fun? Next time the weather is yucky, let that child in you run free while you do splits, front and back flips in the air and dive into a pit of foam.

  • Aimed at active adults, SkyZone in Chula Vista offers a variety of heart pumping activities including Wipeout, an eight-player game that attempts to knock players off their feet, Parkour Blox, Zip Line, SkyLadder, Ultimate Dodgeball, Warped Wall, and a Ninja Warrior course.
  • Rockin’ Jump near Miramar Road is geared to kiddos of all ages, also hosting adult groups like fraternities and sororities, civic and church groups, and corporate team building parties. In addition to jumping, the park also offers dodgeball, NBA dunking, slack line, aerial skills, rock climbing, X-Beam, and a ninja course.