Feeling sludgy and pudgy? A nutritionist helps us detox for 2020


With the turn of the new year, scores of us are looking at our waistlines and eating habits and doing a double take.

After so many food-filled holidays and the raucous parties that closed out the year, it’s no wonder we feel a little sludgy and pudgy.

So what can be done?

PACIFIC enlisted the help of clinical nutritionist Tara Coleman, known for her get-healthy advice on NBC, Fox and ESPN, as well as in the pages of Cosmopolitan and Self magazines.

If you’re looking to detox and get healthy in 2020, read on:

Can juices and smoothies really help in weight loss?
TARA: It depends. Its not a magic bullet. Its a delivery of nutrients. When it comes to weight loss, it’s more complicated. Its thermodynamics, and it varies for everyone. Because smoothies and juices are liquids, people tend to consume them on top of what they are eating, without recognizing they are putting more food in their system. You still have to consider quantity and portion. But it can help if you can incorporate it into your life and be consistent with it.

Can juices and smoothies help us detox?
TARA: We all feel like we’ve put all these bad things in our bodies, so we think about taking things away, like, ‘I need to get this OUT of my life.’ But, there are ways to get to nutrients IN our bodies. Our livers and our kidneys are doing the jobs of detoxing, but people are suffering from malnourishment, because they’ve been replacing the nutrients with unhealthy choices.

What’s your favorite, juice or smoothie? What should go in a healthy one?
TARA: Personally, I am a smoothie fan. I like there to be a few components each time: 1 cup of leafy greens like spinach, which is an easy way to sneak in nutrients without changing the taste; fruit, like berries and what’s in season; and some type of liquid, I use water because I like the tartness, but almond milk or coconut milk work well. And always a protein powder to slow down the sugar. Think of protein as a speed bump to the freight train of sugar. It also helps with concentration and feeling full. Finally, fat is something people forget. Try chia seeds, avocado or even nuts or hemp seeds if you have a good blender.

Speaking of protein, what about whey or plant? Which is better?
TARA: It depends on the person. Whey protein will be absorbed best, but there are environmental and ethical downsides. Plant protein has come a long way. Just make sure it has both a vegetable and a grain in it, which means it is a complete protein, if you are using it as a meal.

What’s your must have ingredient?
TARA: Bananas and avocados make a nice texture, if you like a creamy smoothie. Frozen riced or florets of cauliflower is another way. Food only works if you put it in your body, so making it taste good is really important. The point is not for you to be tortured.

What about yogurt? Yay or nay?
TARA: I think it’s great. As long as dairy isn’t symptomatic, it’s a great way to get protein and probiotics and makes a smoothie creamy.

Any recommended herbs or supplements for detoxing?
TARA: I like to add a green superfood powder, that includes barley grass and wheatgrass. They are packed with B vitamins, and help pull heavy metals from your system if you eat a lot of fish.

Where are your favorite smoothie and juice spots in San Diego?
TARA: I love Whole Foods, and Jimbo’s does a great job, they make it fresh right in front of you. I go to Beaming for juices. One thing to watch out for at big box places is they will put sorbet in, so be sure to look at the menu and make sure they aren’t adding any extra sugars.

Post-Workout Smoothie

Ready to try one of Tara’s smoothies?
Blend this post-workout smoothie to repair muscles, replenish glycogen stores, and keep a pep in your step. Tara recommends drinking it within 30 to 60 minutes after your workout for top effects:

● 1 cup coconut water

● ½ cup plain Greek yogurt

● 1-2 cups spinach

● ½ banana

● ½ cup frozen pineapple

Insider tip: Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, helps reduce swelling and soreness from exercise. For more smoothie recipes and tips, visit