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Chargers announce wait list for tix — and hecklers have field day

“How long will mockers delight in mockery?” Proverbs (1:22)

The former San Diego Chargers took to Twitter last week to conduct business, announcing a “wait list” for season tickets in 2018.

People noticed. And the chucking of cyber tomatoes commenced, presumably by folks who live within the 619, 858 and 760 area codes.

Nearly 60 comments appeared beneath the wait-list tweet, almost double the number of likes for the tweet over the five-day stretch.


Many of the comments cannot be reprinted in this space, because we don’t do profanity. But here are a couple examples:

Meanwhile, in Orange County at the team’s headquarters, Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn, whose keep-it-real style would’ve made him a hit with San Diegans if the football company hadn’t been relocated, is calling up customers who renew, thanking them and, in some instances, informing them they’ll get Super Bowl tickets, too.

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