Suja Juice introduces new detox book

It’s no secret that Suja Juice has become one of San Diego’s biggest success stories (read more here and here). Now, co-founders Annie Lawless and Jeff Church are taking their healthful lifestyle ways to the bookshelves with the release of “THE SUJA JUICE SOLUTION: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Beat Cravings and Boost Your Energy.”

This “anti-cleanse cleanse” launches today, April 7. Centered on their juice products, the book breaks down an approachable detox complete with kitchen checklists and background science. We asked Annie for some more insight on the 28-day program.

Where did inspiration for this book come from?

This book was inspired by the current “cleanse” culture and a desire to shift people’s perspective from trying not to eat but learning HOW to eat. While there is certainly a place and time for an all-juice fast, many people turn to them for a quick fix of weight loss, correction of bad eating, or punishment for making unhealthy lifestyle choices. The problem with this approach is that people revert to their previous habits as soon as the “cleanse” is finished because they haven’t learned anything valuable about how to properly select, portion, order, and prepare foods. They also haven’t learned how to tune into true hunger cues, use certain foods to kill cravings for others, and enjoy the process of eating healthy. I wanted to teach people how to detox their diet in a lasting and sustainable way without promising some false result of magically detoxing their body and flushing out all toxins so they can go back to eating whatever they want again.

After years of experimentation with my own diet and working with many people to find their balance, I wanted to share my discoveries and show people how easy it can really be. The actual physical book was conceptualized in May of 2014 and completed over the summer.

So how does the “anti-cleanse cleanse” work?

The Suja Juice Solution is not a cleanse at all - it’s a complete lifestyle shift. I don’t want someone to read this book with the mindset that when they finish, it’s over. I want someone to read this book knowing that by the end, the way they are eating is the way they can and will want to eat forever!

The plan is broken into four 7-day chunks, with the majority of foods that are irritating, overly processed, or addictive being removed in the first week and gradually brought back in healthier forms over the course of the 3 weeks to follow. Additionally, there are 3 juices per day with 3 meals in a balanced calorie intake to show you how to use the easy to digest and absorb nutrients present in juice in conjunction with foods to help satiate you, provide deep cellular hydration, kill sugar cravings, and promote energy levels. There are 75 original juice and food recipes that are easy to make with shopping lists for each week and easy to follow “in crowd” and “crowd out” food lists that make following the plan extremely easy.

How is Suja Juice integrated into the program?

Suja juice is really the backdrop of how this program came about because it is a wonderful catalyst to healthier eating and providing the body with high level nutrition it needs to operate at the highest level. Our organic, cold pressed, cold-pressured juices embody our philosophy of “health without the punishment” because they taste delicious and anyone can drink them - kale lover or not. We believe in balancing taste and flavor with nutrition to make our juices functional without being function only! On this plan, a person does not need to buy Suja at all. All of the juices included in the plan come with recipes so they are easy to make at home on your own juicer. This plan is not about promoting our products, but rather promoting the lifestyle the juices were born from. However, there are definitely comparable Suja blends available to readers at their local market if they want the convenience of having it done for them.

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Source: DiscoverSD