He Shoots, He Scores


By Jeff Praught
Photos by Tony Amat

Tim Shelton’s contributions to last year’s record-setting San Diego State University men’s basketball team measured more in the minds of his teammates than in a stat book, and the 6’7” forward out of Fresno-now a fifth-year senior-is back at it again.

While others are lighting up the scoreboard, Shelton is more likely to be seen hitting the hardwood after taking a charge on defense. And that suits him just fine, because this blue-collar baller likes to be the guy who does the “little things.” He has even taken to providing content for the school’s video production department.

Following up on his “Game Time Ready” music video from last season, Shelton teamed up with 23-year old videographer and friend Aubry Wiltcher to produce “Aztec Motto,” a rap video featuring spectacular dunks by teammates and spirited dancing by members of “The Show,” SDSU’s raucous student section. Produced during winter break, the video-which includes shout-outs to current and past teammates- made its debut during pregame for the big UNLV game January 14 at Viejas Arena. It received nearly 75,000 views on YouTube the following week and is now approaching 200,000.

Shelton, whose rap name, “TES,” (Timothy Edward Shelton) was conjured up by teammates Chase Tapley and Alec Williams, has received rousing reviews of the video from local and national media, not to mention the approval of his 66-year old head coach, Steve Fisher.

Though balky knees (which he references in the lyrics: “Ice bags on the knees, so I’m so cool...”) have often limited what he could do on the court, 22-year-old Shelton has no plans to leave the game of basketball. As he eyes a future in coaching, don’t be surprised if his rap career soars as well.