San Diego: Back in time

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, “Back to the Future” Day, marks the day Marty McFly, Emmett “Doc” Brown and Jennifer Parker traveled from 1985 to 2015 in 1989’s “Back to the Future II.”

In observance of this monumental day, more than 1,700 theaters across the country are hosting screenings of the sci-fi comedy at 4:29 p.m., the same time Doc’s DeLorean touched ground.

Locally, you can attend said screenings at most AMC, Regal and Edwards theaters.

In observance of this time-traveling masterpiece, here are five things that were happening in San Diego in 1985:

  1. The restored U.S. Grant Hotel opened downtown
  2. Don Coryell had his final season as the Chargers’ head coach.
  3. Bruce Springsteen became a pop cultural icon, but San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium turned down his offer to play the gig.
  4. The Padres were unable to defend their National League championship from the previous year.
  5. Horton Plaza opened to 70,000 people as the “cornerstone of downtown” -- which now begs for redevelopment.

Source: DiscoverSD