Saint Archer apologizes after angering Padres fans


A month ago on Instagram, San Diego brewing company Saint Archer posted a picture of Dodgers Stadium with the update “No sports team in California has supported Saint Archer more than the Dodgers. If you are at the game today, grab a beer, and enjoy the start of the new season. #GoBlue”.

Showing no love for our home team, Padres fans quickly pounced on the brewery owned by a collective of surfers, skaters, snowboarders, artists and musicians.

“Lame! F That. Padres. You’re a San Diego brewery! Wtf?” commented @jimshoez_.

Rather than calming the nerves of the angered Friars fans, Saint Archer, or their social media manager, went on the attack, replying “The Padres don’t support Saint Archer. So maybe you should be saying F the Padres for not supporting a San Diego craft.”

Another comment from the brewery read “Padres don’t support us so why should we support them?” to which Steve Nager of San Diego responded: “Petco can’t serve beer from every single brewery in San Diego...that doesn’t mean you should get offended and support their rivals out of spite.”

The entire post (with more than 50 comments) has since been deleted, but can be found here.

Unfortunately for Saint Archer - known for their superior marketing and branding - the fallout didn’t stop as the controversy went viral, hitting the top of the San Diego page.

“Saint Archer gets butthurt that their beer isn’t sold at Petco (AKA How not to social media)” the post read, prompted the following response from the brewery on Facebook.

“About a month ago you may have seen a post made on our instagram account about the support we have received from the Dodgers. We sincerely apologize for the post and our comments. San Diego is home not only to our brewery, but to our 60 employees as well. We have a ton of pride in our hometown, and the love we receive from it. Changes have been made in regards to the handling of our social media to prevent future mishaps. Thank you. - Saint Archer Brewing Co.”

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In response to the apology, reactions were mixed.

One comment stated: “Definitely done buying this brew. Even the responses are arrogant coming from Saint Archer. Too many other great beers in SD” - Mike Gunn.

Another read: “People take this sports crap waaaaay to serious. Everyone needs to chill. I don’t expect people to agree to everything I like. St. Archer makes great beer and unless they screw that up, I will keep on drinking it.” - Michelle Rodgers Mechling.

What makes this whole PR nightmare confusing is Petco does in fact serve Saint Archer.

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Source: DiscoverSD