Run in your undies to raise money for charity

Running in nothing but your undies in the name of charity? Yep, it’s a thing. Sign up for Cupid’s Undie Run on Saturday, Feb. 20 and get ready for a “brief” Valentine’s-themed jog around downtown San Diego for a great cause.

The 1.5 mile run will start at 12 p.m. at Moonshine Flats, who will also host the post-race award ceremony and party. Race winners will get an array of take-home goodies like custom undies, embroidered bathrobes, tundra hats, an open bar, backpacks and more.

All proceeds will benefit the The Children’s Tumor Foundation. The foundation supports those who have Neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on the nervous system leading to deafness, blindness, physical deformations, learning disabilities and more.

What started out as a fun way to raise money has become one of the most successful nationwide fundraisers for Neurogibromatosis. Last year alone, Cupid’s Undie Run raised $3.5 million dollars across the country for NF.

If you’re interested in raising money to #EndNF and go for a fun-run in your skivvies, registration is $55 and can be purchased at

For more information, visit

Moonshine Flats, 344 Seventh Ave., downtown.

Source: DiscoverSD