Philip Rivers supports L.A. Clippers, San Diego freaks out


If the Chargers move to Los Angeles, Philip Rivers reportedly doesn’t want to tag along. However, when it comes to the NBA playoffs, he has no problem showing his love for the Los Angeles-based Clippers.

During Game 3 of the Clippers vs. Houston Rockets series Friday, the Chargers quarterback was spotted donning a Clips hat. Once the image hit social media, Bolts fans lost their minds.

Rivers wears Clippers hat

Welp, it’s official... the Los Angeles Chargers :( - Brady Phelps (@LobShots) May 9, 2015

Philip Rivers in LA?!?!? - Jim Russell (@Jim1360) May 9, 2015

San Diego Clippers ----> L.A. Clippers San Diego Chargers ----> ? Philip Rivers giving us a hint? - SportsNation (@SportsNation) May 9, 2015

Now, before you go tripping, Rivers is a big hoops fan and buds with Clippers head coach Doc Rivers (no relation). If anything, maybe Philip is so committed to San Diego, he roots its former NBA team over the Lakers.

The Clippers (3-1) are scheduled to play Game 5 on Tuesday night in Houston.

Is it ok for Philip Rivers to support the Clippers?

It’s never ok to support Los Angeles sports teams



San Diego doesn’t have an NBA team, so why not



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