Pedal To The Metal


By Hannah Martine

The spinning classes at Breakaway Cycle in La Jolla offer an extrasensory experience. With 30 high-tech stationary bikes arranged in a semi-circle around a peppy instructor, the music starts pumping. And as the group begins to pedal, the lights pulse and change color, making the workout feel akin to being in a club and shaking it on a dance floor.

As the workout progresses, the music gets louder and faster, the lights dim and flash. This is probably not a good class for epileptics, but it is highly motivational.

“Our instructors have awesome energy,” says Jillian Mauthe, Breakaway Cycle’s general manager and head instructor. “They’re always smiling and making sure our clients are happy.”

In addition to the exertion, participants enjoy complimentary bottled water and a cold aromatherapy towel to help cool down after class.

“We’re small and intimate, and we have all the amenities that make your experience great,” says Mauthe.

A $25 test drive buys an unlimited week of hour-long classes with names like Breaking Dawn, Move-It Mondays and Structured Endurance, as well as a 90-minute Classic Rock Ride that features anthems from Led Zeppelin, Queen and The Rolling Stones.