Meet Me at the Barre: Editor’s Barre3 Challenge


Summer fitness sure got a lot of attention. The conversation, especially in San Diego, became all about getting that svelte bikini body for spontaneous beach days. Then suddenly, as fall creeped in, we slumped back into old patterns, waiting for the indulgent holiday season to catch up to us anyways. Now we’re left faced with one decision: Stay dedicated or let it all go.

Now I’m the first to admit that embracing this time of year loaded with festive dinners, endless celebrations and a pretty solid wardrobe of stretchy pants sounds terribly tempting. But it’s time to press pause on social commitments and make health my top priority. Sometimes all it takes is just a little push to get started...

Enter, the barre3 30-day Fall Challenge. From October 14 through November 10, this ultimate fitness test will push the limits with a plan that involves five barre studio classes per week along with a whole-foods based nutrition regimen. On the way, the smart minds and strong bodies of barre3 will provide a community of support in the form of online recipes, progress tracking, an iPhone app, live Facebook chats and even emails from barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln.

For the next four weeks, I’ll be ditching the bar and hitting the barre, and I hope you join me. The best part of barre3 is their commitment to balance. After all, that’s what the “3” stands for: A balance of business, practice and life. The workout itself is a unique blend of yoga, Pilates and ballet designed to elongate muscles while strengthening every inch. Want to track my progress? I’ll be posting about my fitness endeavors along the way, which you can follow on my Twitter and Instagram accounts: @michelledederko.

So are you up for the challenge?

If five classes a week conflict with your schedule, barre3 gives members access to an online library of workout videos that can be completed in your own home. You’ll also have dozens of slimming recipes at your fingertips, produced strategically to promote energy and a leaner physique. And, you won’t be alone. The Fall Challenge is taking place throughout barre3 studios across the country.

Enough convincing? Let’s go! Sign up for the Fall Challenge before October 14. You can email, call or visit the front desk of the La Jolla UTC barre3 studio located at 8895 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 101. The challenge is free with the monthly membership: $99 per month, unlimited classes for first timers and $125 per month to continue (barre3 recommends a 3-month membership). Contact them at 858.412.5468 or

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Source: DiscoverSD