Luxury gym keeps San Diego companies Fit


While company-sponsored gym discounts and other healthy perks are sure to attract new hires, the integration of total fitness programs into corporate culture is proving to be a worthy investment for a growing number of business owners.

Not only are healthy employees more efficient and less likely to call in sick, according to a 2013 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, companies can save a substantial amount of money on health care costs. A recent Harvard Business Review article sites Fortune 500 company Johnson & Johnson as an example. The company saved an estimated $250 million in health care costs by investing in employee wellness from 2000 to 2010.

With overwhelming evidence indicating that investing in workers’ health is a wise bet, it’s no surprise that San Diego companies are turning to fitness professionals to get in on the corporate wellness trend. For Red Door Interactive CEO Reid Carr, this decision was a no-brainer.

“We are committed to investing in our employees at Red Door, both personally and professionally,” said Carr. “Physical fitness is such an important aspect to a well-balanced life. Our employees are happier, healthier and stronger as a team due to our decision to make employee wellness a priority.”

Red Door Interactive employees participate in a custom wellness program at Fit Athletic Club, a high-end fitness chain with locations in downtown San Diego, Solana Beach and Carmel Mountain Ranch. Many local companies work with Fit for corporate wellness including Houzz, Bumble Bee Foods, Digitaria and Obu Interactive.

Each program is personalized for every company and includes activities such as team-building boot camps, cross training, beginner’s courses and race event training. Employees enrolled in the program also enjoy Fit’s state-of-the-art workout facilities and group fitness classes, save at various local businesses with the Fit Perx program and enjoy the convenience of an onsite and online health foods cafe.

More than a smart investment for businesses, this added work perk translates to positive change in the lives of San Diego employees. Patricia Curran, employee at Bumble Bee Foods affirms: “My medical results improved greatly after joining the wellness program at Fit. I am much stronger and have fewer aches and pains. Working out has also helped my professional life because I have formed new relationships in the company with people in my group session.”

Curran’s success is not an accident. “Small group training helps keep the individual members of each group motivated through accountability and friendly competition,” said Fit personal trainer Natalie DiTerlizzi.

Healthy workplaces can have an especially positive impact for first-time exercisers, who are encouraged to attend specialized beginners’ classes in a supportive group setting.

“Full body workouts where strength, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular health are all addressed in one session are both manageable and highly effective for people who are just starting out,” said Fit Downtown General Manager Mike Mitchell.

Win-win situations are rare in business, but the numbers don’t lie - employers can’t lose when they invest in the health of their staff. With attractive tax breaks, lowered overall health care expenses and a more productive and team-centric workforce, participating in corporate wellness is well worth the effort.

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Source: DiscoverSD