I dare you to... try aerial yoga

After last week’s stomach-churning journey through roller coasters and fried bugs of the San Diego County Fair, you’d think I’d get a chance to keep my feet on the ground for this next one.

No such luck here.

At least this time around, my aerial yoga class at Trilogy Sanctuary proved to be a bit more therapeutic, despite once again, having my toes pointed towards the sky.

How do I keep ending up like this?

From the sidewalks of Girard Avenue in La Jolla, an average passerby would have no hint that four stories up, a serene hideaway rooftop welcomes yogis, health-nuts and your average Joe’s to hang in this quaint little refuge, where yoga classes take place right next to a totally vegan, all-organic café. Trilogy Sanctuary is a true hidden gem, in every sense of the expression.

Aerial yoga is the big draw here, as the rooftop uniquely ties silk hammocks around a circular contraption for small classes of what I would call, a bunch of flying monkeys. I arrived to the level one aerial yoga class with seven other beginners on a Thursday morning, eager to try this form of yoga that’s touted as an ingenious way to release tension in the body and decompress the joints.

As class began, we situated under our fabrics and our instructor, Heidi, adjusted the lengths to each individual body height. We were all first-timers, giggling in anticipation to see what on earth we were about to get ourselves into.

Heidi led us into a gentle stretch to begin, warming up joints by using the fabric to deepen and bend beyond the normal body capacity. I quickly learned that when yoga is lifted off the ground and into the fabrics, gravity helps lengthen muscles. There’s a sense of playfulness that unfolds here too, as we began to drift from side to side with the breeze blowing from the ocean. Trust - in the silks and in your own body - makes a substantial difference in confidence.

Trilogy Sanctuary

Address: 7650 Girard Ave. #400, La Jolla Phone: (858) 633-3893 Online: Price: $24 for aerial yoga drop-in; $80 for five classes; $140 monthly unlimited

Beyond the childlike fun of swaying in a hammock, there was something deeply awakening about being up on the rooftop on a perfect 70-degree San Diego morning. It was one of those, “Oh THIS is why I live here” moments that we all experience from time to time.

Gaining courage as we lifted ourselves off the ground and into various poses, we were soon tapping into the real fun: inversions and flips through and around the fabric. I undeniably lack the grace of a Cirque du Soleil performer, but somehow, the instructor was able to guide me into inverted positions I never thought I’d be able to do.

The big “ta-da” moment for me came when we were shown how to get into a chandelier pose, arguably the “prettiest” or at least most photogenic of all the poses. While I dangled there, something clicked. Maybe it was the mass amounts of blood flow to my brain, but I felt so calm swaying there upside down. There’s something to be said about looking at the world upside down.

If my inflexible joints could get into the chandelier pose, anyone can.

Trilogy offers a range of classes, from gentle stretching to conditioning classes and aerial yoga specifically focused on learning new tricks. Students are encouraged to arrive at least 10-minutes early to get their fabrics measured to the right height.

After class, I treated myself to a smoothie from the café side of Trilogy, which serves all plant-based food, juices, salads and treats. You can dine anywhere on the rooftop deck with ample seating and ample sun, and you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled upon the best-kept secret in San Diego.


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