How I explained the Chargers to my daughter


My daughter, age seven, is still a Chargers fan.

Unlike her nine-year-old brother who - like a lot of San Diegans - gave up on the team this year, my little girl watched all the games and rooted for the Bolts through the good times and the (mostly) bad.

Knowing big news was coming down the line, she asked me this morning, “Daddy, are the Chargers leaving?”

Not sure how to relay the results of Tuesday night’s relocation vote between 32 NFL owners to a first grader, I did my best to explain the Chargers fate this way:

(1) The Chargers have until around Daddy’s birthday (March 23) to decide where they want to play next year. Here in San Diego, or with another football team (the Rams) up near grandma’s house in L.A.

(2) If the Chargers decide to stay in San Diego, they have a year to vote for a new stadium with help from the NFL, the city and mommy and daddy. Or, they move to grandma’s area (L.A.) the following year.

(3) If we vote and say “yes” to a new stadium in San Diego, the Chargers can still leave us for grandma’s area (L.A.), but it would open us up to bring a new football team to town, like the Raiders.

“Ewww, not the Raiders,” she quipped.

“Yeah, I understand, but does any of this make sense?” I asked my daughter.

She nodded her head yes, but I’m not sure I believed her.

Go Bolts!

Source: DiscoverSD