Gift guide: Health conscious goodies


In the paradise land of sunny beaches, outdoor sports and healthy living, it’s important to keep a body in prime shape. This holiday season, give the gift of stress relief, glowing skin and happy tummies with these health and beauty gifts perfect for both women and men.

Smoothie Delivery and Superfoods


For the health-nut bae in your life, there couldn’t be a better present. Weekly home delivery of organic ingredients portioned out for smoothie perfection makes for very happy mornings. Each box contains five recipes for 10 smoothies along with all the necessary veggies, fruits and superfood ingredients for $49 per week. For love, friendship or work, the organic superfood six-pack is a suitably priced option, including a variety box of tins filled with maca, moringa, baobab, lucuma, maqui berry, and reishi mushroom for $40.

Stress RX, Winter Skin RX, & Hangover RX

Shop Good

Developed by founder and owner Leah Kirpalani, a holistic health coach, each of these kits is aimed for fixing the toxins of everyday life. Beat the cold weather blues with Winter RX, featuring Sunfood Chlorella Tablets, Graydon Skin Putty and Urb Apothecary Cactus Face Polish ($66), while Stress RX relieves family pressure by combining a Urb Apothecary Ritual Candle, Wildcare Lavender Hydrosol and Paru Blue Chamomile Tea ($60). Hangover RX, perfect for holiday gluttony, features Integrative Therapeutics Activated Charcoal, Urb Apothecary Green Tea Serum and Wildcare Soft Focus Face Mask ($56).

3030 North Park Way, North Park, 619.501.5362,

Balancing oil, Golde Turmeric Blend + various wellness goodies


Stuff the stocking with a variety of wellness goodies from this Normal Heights shop, including face masks, serums, oils, candles and even sage bundles to cleanse the air of negativity. For health conscious sweeties, give the organic, free-trade, vegan and cruelty-free balancing oil made with organic lavender, cedarwood and clary sage ($48), or the anti-inflammatory turmeric blend, a therapeutic foodie gift that can be added to milk, smoothies, oatmeal and chia pudding ($24).

2946 Adams Ave., North Park, 619.280.2474,

Matcha tea tin

Holy Matcha

This powerful antioxidant variety of green tea has been shown to help detox the body, boost metabolism and energy, provide minerals, and lower cholesterol. Just one cup of matcha has the same antioxidant level as 10 cups of standard green tea. Give the gift of health with Holy Matcha’s ceremonial grade powder in a decorative tin. Don’t forget to add the whisk and cup to complete the set.

3118 University Ave., North Park,

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food


Voted one of the best health and wellness books of 2017 by Sports Illustrated, and a favorite of Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard of the NBA, the book focuses on relationships to food, the positives of vegan and vegetarian diets for omnivores, and achieving optimal health and endurance.


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