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Any bride-to-be is probably well aware that she’ll be photographed more on her wedding day than on any other day of her life. But the groom is likely to be in just as many photos. So, why not join forces and work out together to make sure you’re both looking toned and feeling amazing for your wedding (and, ahem, the honeymoon)?

Built-in accountability

“Studies have shown that training with a partner - being accountable to someone - gives you a higher success rate,” said Gwen Swain of Mission Fit Camp. When your workout buddy is your husband- or wife-to-be, you’ll be even more motivated to not let them down and to impress them with your hard work - or indulge in a little healthy competition.

According to Junior Leoso of Addie’s Studio in Pacific Beach, “there’s that extra spark of being both the puller and pusher.”

Stress release

Have you ever seen a couple in the midst of wedding planning that isn’t at least a little stressed? Swain incorporates team games and partner challenges in her outdoor classes to keep them interesting and challenging.

“You get to have fun and take a break from planning,” she said.

Build a stronger bond and long-term habits

“You definitely get to bond and get a sense of solidarity” when you work out together, Swain said. “You’re not just getting in shape for yourself, you’re keeping yourself healthy for your partner.”

She and Leoso stressed the importance of setting up lifetime habits instead of burning out after a month of intense yet unsustainable workouts or crash diets.

“There’s a difference between being healthy versus doing a quick cleanse that people will see,” Leoso said. You’ll look great and have the energy to dance all night at your wedding, but your hard work will keep paying off long after.

Dance and fitness

Whether you want your first dance to go viral, or you just don’t want your guests discovering you don’t know a box step from a grapevine, taking dance lessons together can help you get in shape and prepare you for one of the many moments of your wedding day when everyone’s eyes will be on you.

“Many couples are worried about this ‘spotlight’ moment,” said Liz O’Grady, owner and instructor at Wedding Dance San Diego. Dance lessons will help you feel relaxed and confident during your first dance and can be a nice bonus to your fitness routine.

Looking to amp up the calorie burn? O’Grady said swing, salsa or cha-cha styles are your best bet.

“Many couples also do mash-ups or remixes that allow them to blend different styles. People have fun with these, and they get more of a workout,” she said.

Even with more mellow styles, like tango, learning the proper technique with an instructor “will take you more into a heart rate increasing zone.” Plus, it’s another chance to do something fun with your partner in the midst of wedding planning.

Mission Fit Camp

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