Fit Fridays: Side plank

Lie on one side of your body in a straight line, resting your forearm on the ground under your shoulders, with your legs stacked. Lift your hips to raise up while maintaining a parallel formation. Hold this for one minute. 04.29.2016 -- Ashley Lane, Personal Trainer and owner of Ashley Lane Fitness in Hillcrest. (Rick Nocon/ For The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The side plank is a deceptive move. It may look very simple, but this ab-tastic exercise requires more than just oblique strength. This move will work your glutes, quadriceps and thigh abductors, all while tightening and toning your core. The side plank is ideal for those who are looking to strengthen and cinch their waistline.

We challenge you to hold your side plank for one minute per side. Repeat this exercise three times.

Her studio, Ashley Lane Fitness, is located at: 1450 University Ave., Suite 201 and 202, Hillcrest.

Source: DiscoverSD