Fit Friday: Tricep dips


Who doesn’t want trim, toned arms all year long? Tricep dips are your new best friend if you’re looking for a focused, do-anywhere type of arm routine. This exercise works better than a push-up for the back of your arms by isolating the tricep muscles primarily, giving way to strong, tank-top-ready guns in no time. The tricep dip also works the pectorals and helps improve core stability.

We challenge you to complete 3-4 rounds of 15 tricep dips.

Once you complete your Fit Friday challenge, post a photo with the hashtag #DSDFitFriday each week to show off your hard work!

Our fitness model: Ashley Lane

Her studio, Ashley Lane Fitness, is located at: 1450 University Ave., Suite 201 and 202, Hillcrest.

Source: DiscoverSD