Fit Friday: Reverse plank


We all know that the traditional plank is great for your core and a killer exercise that you can do anywhere, but have you ever reverse-planked? The reverse plank still works out your abdominal muscles and allows you to engage them at the same time as a variety of other muscles. This move works your booty, hamstrings, lower back, your arms and abs, all in one fell swoop. This move is great for those looking to strengthen their spine, as well.

To perform: Start in a seated position on the floor. Extend your legs outward and place your hands behind your body with your fingers facing forward. Next, press into the palms of your hands as you lift your body into a straight line. Engage your core and lean your head backward to look up toward the ceiling. We challenge you to hold this pose for 30 seconds or as long as you can.

About our model: Amy Caldwell of Yoga One, San Diego

1150 Seventh Ave., downtown

Source: DiscoverSD