Fit Friday: Low lunge

07.12.2016 -- Amy Caldwell, Yoga One. (Rick Nocon)

Have tight hamstrings or tension in your hips? Lunge it out. This simple move goes deeper than your average lunge to give a great stretch to your hip flexors, groin muscles, hamstrings and core. The move is great for runners who need a deep stretch or for someone who has regular pain in their hips.

To perform: This move should start by getting into downward dog position. From there, you can hop your left or right foot forward, keeping your ankle in line with your knee. Your opposite leg’s knee will lower to the ground, stretched out behind you. Bring your hands to your chest in prayer position as you shift your core forward and tuck your tailbone inward. Stretch here and hold your gaze slightly upward. We challenge you to hold this pose for up to 15 breaths.

About our model:Amy Caldwell of Yoga One, San Diego

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