Fit Friday: Donkey kick


This mule-like move boasts more than just a fun name. The donkey kick is a simple, two-part exercise that you can do anywhere with no equipment necessary. It targets your core and lower back muscles, but is mainly performed to help tighten up that tush.

The exercise works by isolating the muscles in the lower half of your body, including your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. This workout is ideal for someone trying to build muscle for a rounder backside.

We challenge you to do 30 reps on each side and repeat three times.

Once you complete your Fit Friday challenge, post a photo with the hashtag #DSDFitFriday each week to show off your hard work!

Our fitness model: Ashley Lane

Her studio, Ashley Lane Fitness, is located at: 1450 University Ave., Suite 201 and 202, Hillcrest.

Source: DiscoverSD