Fit Friday: Dead lift with dumbells


We are all fans of a glute-a-licious strong and stable booty. The deadlift will work your glutes primarily, but it also focuses on core stability by utilizing your abdominal muscles when lowering and lifting the weight. These muscles work together to keep you balanced while performing the move. This exercise tones the glutes and the upper thigh right below the booty in addition to tightening up your core through controlled movement.

We challenge you to do three sets of 20 deadlifts.

Once you complete your Fit Friday challenge, post a photo with the hashtag #DSDFitFriday each week to show off your hard work!

Our fitness model: Ashley Lane

Her studio, Ashley Lane Fitness, is located at: 1450 University Ave., Suite 201 and 202, Hillcrest.

Source: DiscoverSD