Downtown gym fosters personal fitness success

Balanced Fitness & Health, located on Seventh Avenue in downtown, takes a unique approach to fitness by focusing on the potential of each member individually with an eye toward helping each person achieve his or her personal goals.

“We believe people are tired of being an anonymous face in a big box gym. They want to be an individual and have support and motivation,” said Brian Kawano, co-owner and general manager. “Our small, boutique concept fits well with that.”

With over 10 years of experience in the gym industry, Kawano decided to open Balanced Fitness & Health with partner Rodrigo Iglesias in November 2013. Their mantra guiding their vision is this: “If you’ve failed at other gyms, we can help you.”

What makes Balanced Fitness & Health unique? It is a full-service health club that offers a number of specialized fitness resources alongside state-of-the-art equipment, some of which include the Resting Metabolic Rate Test, VO2 Max, Omron Body Composition Analyzer and Heart Rate Monitors.

This boutique gym offers personal training and classes that foster participation and motivation. It is also home to the only rock climbing wall in downtown. Group exercise includes yoga, Pilates, tabata, interval training, kettlebell and more. Many classes are also structured in a 30/30 format that allows participants to do either half of a class or the entire session. Matched with brand new locker rooms and showers, this class format is perfect for those on the go.

“Everyone can squeeze in 30 minutes somewhere,” said Kawano.

Along with these offerings, the knowledgeable staff makes all the difference in this boutique gym. Kawano believes support is needed to help prevent people from tapering off and ultimately failing to accomplish their fitness goals.

“Our staff is focused on knowing the members on an individual basis and knowing their goals,” he said.

Balanced Fitness & Health additionally partners with other professionals and services in the health industry including nutritionists, registered dietitians, general practice doctors, sports psychiatrists and more to meet the many needs of its members

To foster a community surrounded around fitness and health, Balanced Fitness & Health offers outside opportunities such as rock climbing at Mission Trails Regional Park or functional fitness classes at Balboa Park. These classes are free to both members and non-members alike.

“The goal is interaction,” noted Kawano. “We like to give people the opportunity to try things out and to meet others. We want our gym to be a home away from home.”

With summer just around the corner, Balanced Fitness & Health is offering a special personal training package at 30 percent off for first-time users. New members are always encouraged to bring a friend for free to each of their first three visits to the gym.

Balanced Fitness & Health will keep a limited membership, allowing the gym and its trainers and staff to maintain that focus on personal assistance, encouragement and drive.

“It all goes back to the importance of support and motivation,” noted Kawano, who stressed the importance of small group training as a key to success at Balanced Fitness & Health.

To learn more, visit Balanced Fitness & Health online at or follow the gym on Facebook at

Source: DiscoverSD