Against The Grains

By Natalie Holtz

Hiding rum drinks in Slurpee cups is no longer the coolest thing to do in the San Diego sand. Thanks to Baja Body Athletic Club in Oceanside, local folks can now workout and do yoga in the sand, indoors, which sure beats doing a downward dog on Dog Beach.
“Sand training has always been around, but it’s never been offered to the mass market,” says co-founder Jonathan Graves, who opened the club with his wife, Nicole, in mid-May. “It provides a way in which people can be active in a fun, healthy environment while also being safe.”

Baja Body’s sand isn’t the kind found on the beach - it isn’t full of cigarettes and doesn’t have guys with metal detectors scanning it for jewelry. To the contrary, it’s a clean, highly refined variety that’s been washed so many times it won’t stick to your skin, even during a sweaty workout sesh.

Fifty tons of non-sticky, Olympic-grade sand (the same caliber of sand used on beach volleyball courts during the summer games) covers the 12,000- square-foot studio, creating a soft, 14-inch-thick surface that maximizes calorie burn while providing ergonomic support and joint protection.

In addition to sand yoga, Baja Body offers personal training; BeachXFit, a total-body program encompassing cardio, strength and core exercises; and several other workout options. For those wanting to turn their downward dogs upside down, the club also offers Anti-Gravity® yoga, a trending, Cirque du Soleil-style exercise that hoists yogis above the sand and into suspended silk hammocks meant to enhance stretching and strengthening.

Baja Body Athletic Club
1220 S. Coast Hwy., Oceanside

Tip: remove diamond rings and other cherished items before setting foot in the sand, lest you find yourself with a metal detector...and no Slurpee cup.