A guide for om where you roam


Summer bliss happens so naturally the phrase is almost redundant. Still, bliss can hit some pretty exponential levels in the summer. Especially south of the border.

Of course, the usual, generic brand of hang-out-in-Cabo-tequila-bliss is a guaranteed option. But sometimes you have to get out of Cabo, hang a sharp left at the cactus, and take the dirt sort-of-road alongside the flowering aloe vera if you really want to find your zen.

So before those rains start, grab your mat - and a backpack of just the stuff you can wear either on the mat or in the ocean. That’s all you’ll need. Because in that magic space where desert sand meets sandy beach, you won’t just find your zen, you’ll find organic, earth-hugging, dog-loving everything.

Eco-travels and amazing journeys, yogis. Here’s your Baja Getaway Guide to Yoga Bliss.

Cerritos: Baja Zen

Address: From the main road to Cerritos Beach, take the first right after the roads to Tortugas/ Villas de Cerritos and go up a little hill to the gray building.

Phone: +52-612-142-5038

Online: or

Walking distance to the divine Playa Los Cerritos - a sandy-bottom surfing

and swimming beach - Baja Zen offers yoga, surf retreats and community events ranging from meditation, live music, Kirtan to Acro and Hip Hop Yoga, and benefits for the local Pescy Dogs shelter. Classes are taught by locals and by visiting teachers from around the world. From yin to vinyasa, from first breath to final savasana, the desert ocean view from your mat explains the name behind this magic practice space.

El Pescadero: Aqui Yoga

Address: El Pescadero, Look for the tent and the signs that say, “Aqui” and “Yoga”

Phone: +52-612-140-5194


This army surplus tent with wood pallet floors is the game-changer of yogic experiences.

Founders Josh and Christine have brought to the paradise of Baja Sur the physical manifestation of Patanjali’s first yoga sutra, “Atha yoga anushasanam.” Their schedule and location encompass precisely that philosophy that aqui, ahora (here, now) is where yoga begins. The coolest thing about Pescadero - somewhere between Playa San Pedrito, the biodynamic brew at Baja Beans, and the strawberry water at Agricole- is that you’ll find your bliss.

Todos Santos: Cuatro Vientos

Address: In front of Cafe La Esquina on Calle Topete and Horizonte en Camino a Las Playitas, Todos Santos

Online: or

Cuatro Vientos, meaning Four Winds, is a co-op center for yoga, meditation, movement,

art and healing designed on sacred geometry, aligned with the four directions, and intended for teachers, practitioners, and visitors to come globally from the “four winds” to co-create a space for truth and love. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are offered in English, Spanish or both, and range from hatha, vinyasa and meditation to qi gong, tai chi, zumba, tae kwon do and capoeira.

La Paz: Drala Yoga

Address: Santiago 25, Fraccionamiento Bellavista, La Paz

Phone: +52-612-121-3546


Named after the Tibetan word describing the cosmic mirror of primordial wisdom and strength reflected in ourselves,

Drala Yoga seeks to provide a learning space where the self-realization of peace and healing comes from our own intrinsic fusion of body, mind and spirit. Classes and workshops are offered by instructors from Mexico and internationally to cultivate peace, wellness and karma yoga practices and blend philosophies of East and West. Asana practice is offered twice daily, Monday through Thursday at 8:30 a.m. and at 8 p.m.

Anna Mueco has been a student of hatha and kriya yoga since 2003. Mueco became a yoga instructor in 2006 and currently teaches in Pacific Beach. Send your thoughts about the yoga world to her at

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