PB’s popular sunglass startup Blenders tackles work-from-home market with blue light lenses

Blenders new line of blue light lenses come in the "Coastal" style, with rounded frames and bright colors.
(Courtesy of Blenders)

Founded by Pacific Beach surf coach Chase Fisher, Blenders built its multimillion-dollar name on colorful beach shades. Now it’s shifting into a COVID-created market


San Diego’s e-commerce startup Blenders, a sunglass company that was recently valued at over $90 million, is tapping into a new market created by the COVID-19 pandemic: the work-from-home crowd.

Blenders, a sunglass shop located in Pacific Beach, is best known for making beachy looking shades, often with colorful polarized lenses or trendy frames. Founded by a local surfer, the brand exploded online and now hauls in tens of millions in annual revenue. Now, the company is expanding into blue light lenses, clear glasses that are meant to block the blue light coming from laptops, cell phones and other screens.

“There’s increased demand for fun office fashion that makes sense as we spend increasingly long hours in front of our screens — more now than ever,” said Chase Fisher, the 32-year-old founder and CEO of Blenders.

Blue light lenses have become increasingly popular among office workers who spend the majority of their days in front of screens. Now, with more workers Zooming, scrolling or late-night streaming due to stay-at-home orders, the launch of the product line is timely. The purported benefits of wearing blue light glasses include reduced eye strain and better regulation of the wearer’s circadian rhythm, helping users fall asleep more easily after extended use of blue-light-emitting devices. Although the effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses has long been debated, the popularity remains strong.

Blenders has already sold out of two styles on its website, the colorful tortoiseshell Data Daze and black rims of Hustle Up. Both styles are part of a new line called “L-Series,” which are lightweight square frames in the signature Blenders bright colors. The company also carries a rounded style called “Coastal,” with more subtle splashes of color. All styles are available for under $50.

The Pacific Beach brand recently sold a majority stake of the company to billion-dollar Italian eyewear giant Safilo in a deal that pegged Blenders at a $90 million valuation.