Timber Lines


By Alyson Baker

This month, we’re digging punches of Pinocchio in our lives-and that’s no lie. Go against the grain and update your look with these sleek, wood and wood-inspired products.

Watch This

You’d give someone the time in a New York minute sporting a stylish WeWood watch, made from woods including maple, ebony and guaiac. Plus, WeWood aims to -for every watch sold, they plant a tree.
Price: $119
Shop local:
Ivy’s Boutique
5040 Newport Ave., Ocean Beach
Gaslamp Garage
301 5th Ave., Gaslamp

Stick In Your Eye

See the forest through the trees with Shwood’s classic Canby sunglasses. Each frame is shaped and veneered by hand in Oregon from sustainably harvested wood. Available in East Indian rosewood, cherry wood and zebrawood.
Price: $145 and up
Shop local:
Aloha Sunday
3118 University Ave., North Park

Neck of the Woods

Get a splinter of sustainable couture with reclaimed wood neckties from San Francisco-based Wood Thumb.
Price: $34

Walk the Plank

Find inner peace with a Plank Luxe yoga mat, offering the look of wood with the sponginess of rubber. Mats also come in genuine-looking grass and shag carpet prints.
Price: $85

Tree Ride

Renovo hollow wood and laminated bamboo bicycles are engineered for maximum performance, offering a shock-absorbing ride that wards off rain and holds up better than most metal models.
Price: $2,700 and up