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By Amanda Thorne-Pritchard / Photos By Sara Norris

FM 94/9 afternoon drive DJ Jeremy Pritchard (just “Jeremy” on the radio) describes his style as “über casual.” He’s been getting in better shape these days and said he wanted to try out some new looks for summer, so I brought him to mrkt., a new men’s boutique and art space in East Village.

“I feel like this whole thing was kinda more your idea,” Jeremy says to me. By the way, I’m a stylist, and - full disclosure - Jeremy’s my husband.

mrkt. stocks a well thought-out collection of men’s apparel, focusing on quality over quantity, with an eye on satisfying a variety of contemporary tastes. When it comes to his new store, proud owner Michael Ficek likes to keep things light and mobile.

“The store is pretty much all on rollers,” Ficek says. “It can be transformed into an art gallery at a moment’s notice.” During Comic- Con, clothing racks will be moved out of the store to make room for a local artist showcase.

Here’s today’s plan: I’ll pick an outfit for Jeremy, then Ficek will put a look together, then we’ll all collaborate on a third look. Finally, we’ll all vote on the best one, which will be mine, of course - especially if Jeremy wants control of the TV after he gets off the air tonight.

First Look:

My Selection.

I have the insider advantage of knowing Jeremy’s comfort zone, in terms of what he likes to wear and how clothing functionality affects what he chooses. The radio world is casual, but Jeremy sometimes meets with record label execs and makes promotional appearances, so he can’t be too blasé about his wardrobe. He needs to be casual but not sloppy, and find a balance between the two that keep him looking like the hip guy I love. Being a little edgy without crossing the line is key when working in a creative environment.

V-neck shirt by Alternative Apparel ($18), Short-sleeve shirt by Zanerobe ($80), Shorts by life/ after/denim ($88), Shoes by Vans ($75), available at BLENDS, 

I picked a classic black V-neck t-shirt with no writing on it, which makes it more work-appropriate.

The shorts are a better, thicker material than your average day-to-day short. And green is a great color that’s more interesting than the traditional khaki you usually see in the workplace.

Over the t-shirt, I chose an unbuttoned button-down that has great detail on the pocket and just the right amount of color.

Green suede Vans add the right amount of cool without looking like he’s trying too hard or being matchy-matchy.

Look Again:

Michael Ficek’s Selection

Ficek’s outfit for Jeremy takes the basic t-shirt and shorts, and adds a twist.

“I like to blend classic fits with new ideas,” Ficek says.

This would be more of a weekend look for Jeremy, better for when he’s playing Frisbee golf and going out for drinks - or whatever it is he does with his friends. What’s cool about it is that it transitions easily from afternoon into evening. Layering a button-down and changing out shoes is all he’d need to be ready for a night on the town.

“The key is to be comfortable,” Ficek says. “If a part of you feels it’s wrong, everyone else will, too.”

Shirt by STAMPD LA ($45), Shorts by Onia ($145), Shoes by Vans ($78), available at BLENDS,

Michael Ficek Says...

I choose the t-shirt, because it shows how the aesthetic of street wear has changed to a much cleaner feel.

The Onia trunks are a classic example of how “understated” works when it’s met with quality.

FICEK: Sk8 Hi’s are my favorite Vans model. You really can’t go wrong with them. The palm leaf pattern is California at its best.

Look At Us:

A Collaboration.

This look pushed Jeremy out of his comfort zone, and it’s one he wouldn’t have picked for himself, but he says he really likes it. Everyone can get stuck in a wardrobe rut. Breaking out of it can be as simple as adding a color that you wouldn’t normally wear, or a pattern you wouldn’t normally try because it’s too loud. Jeremy is outgoing, but his clothes don’t usually reflect that. This look is fun and dynamic, with orange shades. It works for him by helping to show his bright personality, loud and clear.

Shirt by Zanerobe ($115), Jeans by Levis ($148), Sunglasses by Knockaround ($30), Shoes by Vans ($65), available at BLENDS,

“This look is a good example of how color can really set off some clean Levis denim and Vans Eras,” Ficek says.

When Jeremy saw the bright, two- toned shirt on the rack, he said, “There’s no freakin’ way.” When it was on him: “I’m amazed that I actually like this.”

Ficek suggested Jeremy roll the cuffs on his jeans to try something he normally wouldn’t - something simple that can make a look work.

We paired the bright shirt with jeans to bring the look back down to Earth and keep it balanced.

“It’s always good to have a multi-purpose, neutral shoe in your wardrobe,” Ficek says. A basic and classic pair of shoes will also help balance the vibrancy on top.