Silver Lining

Photos by Minh Huynh

Brooks Sterling is a rebel in disguise. Under his polished, young professional look lies an underground artist and surfer who experiments with fashion. “My style is constantly evolving and changing,” Sterling says. “It’s currently influenced by the California beach lifestyle, mixed with a dash of professionalism. It’s also got a little bit of that punk rock, do-it-yourself movement, which is influenced from my grade school days.”

-Nicole Quiroz

Name: Brooks Sterling
Age: 27
Neighborhood: Oceanside
Occupation: founder of We Love Creativity
Button-up shirt: Jedidiah,
T-shirt: RVCA,
Pants: Brixton,
Sunglasses: RAEN,
Watch: Nixon,
Shoes: Gordon Rush,
Bag: Carhartt,
Camera: Holga 35mm, a gift
Ring: Ensenada beach vendor
Bracelet: thrift store