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“My goal is to now support women with what I wish I knew back then. Things I know now,” said founder and owner of Shop Good, Leah Kirpalani.

After an eight-year-long bout with autoimmune illness, during which she ditched conventional beauty products and noticed a vast improvement in her health, Kirpalani left her corporate job in San Francisco to start anew. Good Life, her online natural beauty store and parent company, was launched in 2015 and in late 2017, Kirpalani debuted Shop Good, her brick-and-mortar destination for all things beautiful and natural.

PACIFIC recently caught up with Kirpalani to discuss why natural products, why now and what customers can expect from her destination storefront.

PACIFIC: Why are natural beauty products important?
LEAH KIRPALANI: We, as women, may be placing up to 500 chemicals on our bodies each day during our morning and nighttime routines! The unfortunate part is, this exposure adds up over time and can negatively impact the way our bodies function — from our endocrine system to our digestive system. So, “what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them,” is how I look at it. The best part is, there are so many amazing products to choose from nowadays, and we are committed bringing the best in clean beauty to our Shop Good customers.

What is your personal beauty routine?
I use the San Francisco-based line, Botnia, to cleanse, tone and hydrate with their incredible science-backed line of organic skincare. SPF is non-negotiable — I use Suntegrity SPF + Primer to top my moisturizer. For makeup, I keep the number of products minimal; a long-lasting vegan concealer by the Australian-based natural cosmetics line TMF, a breathable powder-foundation by Alima Pure, RMS coconut-oil based lip2cheek for added color and glow, followed by a swipe of Lily Lolo mascara and a TMF bold vegan lip color. But my beauty routine doesn’t stop in front of the mirror — I consider my morning breath exercises, dry brushing and my daily intake of Collagen Peptides by Vital Proteins as critical steps, too.

What are your favorite products in the store?
Right now, I am obsessed with our crystal facial rollers by Skin Gym — they are essentially a workout for your face and a natural alternative to going under the needle for skin health and age prevention. I also love our brand of lipsticks. From bold to neutral, we are crushing the belief that natural lipsticks don’t stay on. Lipstick is such a hallmark icon for the shop, since we believe a bold lip means confidence and power, especially when it’s nontoxic.

Can someone build a skincare routine on a budget?
Absolutely. Shop Good prides itself on offering a range of price points within each category. Some examples include multi-use hydration balms for $10 and powerful anti-aging serums for $20. This is possible because we believe in simple ingredients. There is no need for products with a list of 30 expensive inputs because, when it comes to skin, less is more, allowing the power of each plant botanic to work its magic.

Can men get into natural beauty? What can you offer male clients?
Our skin is our largest organ, no matter who you are. When we tend to the skin by focusing on hydration, UV protection and daily cleansing and exfoliating, our skin will stay firmer longer, appear brighter and combat bacteria more easily, resulting in clear and youthful-looking skin. We frequently have male clients booking our in-house organic spa facials and their skin is looking radiant, I must say!

What’s special about San Diego that makes it attractive for small business owners?
San Diego houses an incredibly strong entrepreneurial business community that not only supports each other, but is supported by the community at large. This mutual respect allows for a dynamic and authentic marketplace, one that I am so grateful to contribute to.

Where is your go-to place in San Diego for healthy eating?
Cafe Gratitude is my go-to weeknight takeout spot that never fails. But when I want to get out and experience sustainable dining at its best, I love O.B.’s neighborhood gem Little Lion. Owners Anne-Marie (Coulon-Ferguson) and Jacqueline (Coulon) only use the highest-quality ingredients to create innovative dishes that are made with such love and intention.

What is San Diego’s hottest neighborhood right now?
I may be biased, but North Park is quickly becoming such a destination spot in San Diego. It’s been so exciting to watch the neighborhood blossom thanks to its innovative business owners and supportive community.

Where do you go in San Diego to kick back and relax?
My husband and I love taking our dog, Franklin, out to Domaine Artefact, one of San Diego’s award-winning wineries. Pro tip: head up in late afternoon for magic hour and a glass of rosé!

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