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By Ron Donoho / Photos By Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan

Fashion Director: Simone Perloff
Photographer’s assistant: Tyler Johnson

Styling: Shahnaz Zarif,
Hair and makeup: Maegan Cooper, A Robert Cromeans Salon

February marks the 10th anniversary of Ruben Galvan’s first spicing-up of San Diego’s weekday airwaves. “Where’s Ruben?” is a popular segment on the CW6 morning news. Galvan is a feisty man-about-town, who brings to the TV air a little extra flair.

We’re not just talking about his effervescent character, though. This transplanted son-of-Texas serves up sartorial style in a big way. And, since he spent the better part of a year-and-a- half shedding 85 pounds (that’s not a typo), Galvan’s got his mojo back, baby. He sashays on camera in whatever wardrobe matches his assignment du jour.

“I’ve got a lot of things that don’t fit me anymore, thankfully,” says Galvan, 35. “But I do have a lot of clothes, and I’m shopping again, so I make it a point to make my wardrobe fit with whatever story I’m covering.”

He owns more than 40 hats. If he’s covering an event at the zoo, he’ll have the safari helmet ready. Fedoras and ski hats are aplenty; baseball caps are his lazy-day accessory.

Galvan pays special attention to military style. He wears Ray-Ban aviator glasses, and favors a pair of boots and camouflage pants given to him by local Navy SEALS.

“Even as a kid, I liked clothes,” he says. “I thought about being a fashion designer. I like to have a sharp look. I think it adds to your personality.”

Among other brands and lines, Galvan wears a lot of J.Crew, Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s and Zara. He adores a store in New York City (where he visits whenever he’s sent on a movie junket) called Uniqlo. Upscale Theory creates his favorite line of suits.

“I like a look that’s sharp and crisp, black-and-white,” Galvan says. “Tom Ford creates clothes that let men be men, but at the same time you don’t have to be afraid to dress up and have some fun.”

Since dropping so much weight, clothes are, indeed, once again fun for Galvan.

“On top of it all, I’ve got my energy back,” he says.

In addition to his fashion sense, this roving reporter rocks Gangnam style with the best of
them. You should see his moves (and you still can at clubs downtown), but he goes out a lot less these days.

“People know my fun, out-loud persona,” says Galvan, “but I have a quiet side, too. I like nice dinners at friends’ houses. And I enjoy family, and being Uncle Ruben.”

Every family needs an Uncle Ruben. This one happens to be available in your living room five days a week.

On the Lighter Side

Ruben Galvan’s quick-hit diet tips

He lost 85 pounds the all-natural way. Now, at 170 pounds, Ruben Galvan works out nearly every day at downtown’s FIT Athletic Club, which he calls his “sanctuary.” He changed his diet drastically and offers these tips:

• Don’t eat out all the time. Go to the grocery store and buy healthy food for around the house.
• Galvan’s healthy breakfast: an egg-white-and- spinach wrap from Starbucks.
• Cereal remains a downfall for Galvan (especially Coco Pebbles), but now he uses fat-free milk.
• Buy a George Foreman grill, and cook lots of chicken breast.
• Replace your snack food with almonds.
• Replace sodas with water as your beverage of choice.
• Eat fruit! Galvan loves watermelon and all kinds of berries.

Ruben’s Reruns

Here are some of Ruben Galvan’s most memorable moments on the air on San Diego morning TV:

1. “Early on in my career, I was out in Miramar with a police K-9 unit. They put me in the big protective suit and told me to run. That dog took me down. And broke my wrist. I was in a cast for several weeks.”

2. “One time out at the Lakeside Rodeo they had me ride a bull. I was on the bull for about two seconds. And I screamed like a girl the whole time.”

3. “I like to motivate kids, and that’s why we do the Star Student of the Month spots. It helps to be positive about what kids do.”

4. When Beyoncé came out with her hit song “Single Ladies,” Ruben was quick to do an impersonation. “I’m proud of how I stayed up - walking and dancing on heels.”