Scratching The Surface


Photos by Paul Body

With art at the end of every finger, checking email has never been a more stylish affair. If humdrum hands have you clenching your fists, dream a theme, and then let a talented nail artist manicure what ails you.

After a visit to nail art specialists Angel and Irene at Re:vive Salon & Spa in Mission Valley (where a perfect 10 costs between 30 and 70 dollars), any girl would be proud to talk with her hands. Pointing the finger has never been this chic.

Left hand
Pinky: BLING - Silver polish, rhinestones.
Ring finger: CHEVRON - Mint-green polish, V-shaped black nail art, rhinestones.
Middle finger: STARLET - Cake Pop Shellac, white glitter.
Index finger: MOLTEN - Silver polish with gold on one side and charcoal on the other; black dots to separate tones.
Thumb: CHAIN GANG - Black polish with silver-chain nail art.

Right hand
Thumb: ALL HEART - Just Be-Claws red polish, gold and silver glitter.
Index finger: SNAKE SKIN - Gold and silver glitter, China Glaze.
Middle finger: ENVY - Outta Bounds green polish, nail art swirls.
Ring finger: IMPRESSIONIST - Just Be-Claws red polish, OPI white and black highlights, China Glaze.
Pinky: EYE DO - Bubbly champagne-colored polish, flares set on OPI white base.

Artists: Angel (left hand), Irene (right hand) Model: Jenna Mackey
Shot at Re:vive Salon & Spa, 1425 Frazee Rd., Mission Valley, 619.293.7233,