Kickass Entrepreneur: Indigo Salon and Spa

Phyllis Strauss (owner) and Randi Hosking (stylist/owner) of Indigo Salon & Spa. (Rick Nocon)
Phyllis Strauss (owner) and Randi Hosking (stylist/owner) of Indigo Salon & Spa. (Rick Nocon)

Sometimes a friendship and a passion for hair and beauty is just what it takes to create a successful business. Randi Hosking and Phyllis Strauss were both in the hair industry for years, Hosking as a stylist, and Strauss selling retail products. They just happen to be neighbors as well. So when the opportunity to take over the Indigo Salon and Spa in Hillcrest came about, the women jumped all over it.

What’s important to the them is the feel you get the moment you walk into the salon. The atmosphere is Hollywood glam but also quaint and warm. And it’s not just great hair and nail service that they provide. The also have a spa that comes complete with six individual massage, skincare, acupuncture and permanent makeup studios as well as a private shower.

Q: Worst hair style you ever had and when?

Hosking: The worst hairstyle I’ve ever had was a stacked perm back in the ‘80s.

Strauss: My worst hairstyle was in 1994 when I was platinum blonde.

Q: Celebrity that you would love to give a makeover to?

Hosking: I would love to give a makeover to Justin Timberlake. I wouldn’t need to change very much, but at least he would be in my chair for a while.

Strauss: I would love to makeover Jennifer Lawrence.

Q: Best part about doing business in San Diego?

Hosking: Being in the Hillcrest/Bankers Hill neighborhood of San Diego is great because it is a very central location. This neighborhood has great access to many other wonderful businesses and restaurants, as well as Balboa Park and even downtown. It’s a vibrant, exciting neighborhood that always has fun events taking place.

Strauss: The best part about doing business in San Diego is that there truly is no nicer place to be.

Q: What makes your salon different than others?

Hosking: We worked hard to design a new and unique look to Indigo Salon & Spa. We also brought together a great staff who helped create such an enjoyable atmosphere to work in. What makes Indigo so different than other salons is that Indigo offers a full range of salon and spa services under one roof, which is very convenient. We also try to hold annual fundraising events to give back to charities in the neighborhood. We are so fortunate to have the support of our experienced, caring staff and our great clients. They truly help us make a difference in our community and it makes us proud to call Indigo home.

Strauss: Something unique about Indigo is that we have been able to blend senior stylists with young, up-and-coming artists. This has allowed our salon and spa to cover a wide range of styles and looks. Also, many of our stylists have owned their own salons, bringing their talent and skill sets to Indigo.

Q: What’s better, being neighbors or business partners?

Hosking: It has been a bonus to know each other through the neighborhood and also the salon industry. We have known each other for such a long time and it has helped ensure that our business runs smoothly.

Strauss: They both work out incredibly well. It’s great being both neighbors and business partners.

Q: The one song that represents your life?

Hosking: Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

Strauss: “Jessica” by The Allman Brothers Band

Q: The hair mistake that you see most people make?

Hosking: The most common hair mistake that I have seen is when people try to color their hair at home instead of having a trained professional do it. This can cause damage to their hair and makes it very expensive to correct.

Strauss: The biggest hair mistake that I have seen is when people do not know what color or look best suits them.

Source: DiscoverSD